Projects: The year 2021

1. “Collegium Interethnicum is a leader among independent think tanks investigating the Three Seas Initiative” – the project is implemented and financed in the amount of PLN 299,500.00 by the National Freedom Institute as part of the Civic Organizations Development Program for 2018-2030 PROO

2. 25 October 2021 – meeting with students of Political Science UKSW (online form). The aim of the conference was, on the one hand, to discuss the role and prospects of 3SI in the current geopolitical situation of the Polish and the EU, and on the other hand, to cooperate within the framework of the project implemented with NIW. As a result, it was possible to involve two intellectually and scientifically active students to cooperate in the comments (PhD student Mrs K. Skobejko) and to the scientific publication by Prof. R. Zenderowski Geopolitics of the Three Seas Initiative, which is to be published next year, created in cooperation with the student Mr A. Stankowski.

3. Seminar: Local memory policies in a city divided by a state border. Cieszyn – Cieszyn – Cieszyn, 28.05.2021

4. Webinar: Poland and Romania – countries of medium power? 20 April 2021

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