About us

Our mission and targets

Collegium Interethnicum was established to support Polish science, education, as well as cultural and foreign policy – for the sake of Poland’s national heritage, social capital and good name, along with political and intercultural dialogue in Europe – in the spirit of Christian values, good governance principles and out of concern for the European community.

For this purpose, we perform research, share the acquired knowledge and conduct consulting activities. We also prepare support instruments, i.e. projects in public diplomacy, cultural and media education or aid initiatives for the Polish diaspora and Poles abroad.

Our values

Responsibility – regardless of circumstances and differences of views, we act responsibly for matters common to Poles and encourage others to do so. In the ethics of community responsibility, human freedoms and rights will not erode.

Service: based on the knowledge and experience of our team and associates, we strive to create socially service solutions and support instruments available to public institutions, non-governmental organizations; media, directly to citizens in the country, as well as Polish diaspora and Poles living outside the Republic of Poland.

Cooperation and dialogue: we are open to real dialogue and cooperation, without political correctness, but always in mutual respect. We do not tolerate the vandalization of public debate and language brutalization.

A few words from the Founders

‘Collegium Interethnicum is created by people with various views
and experiences. At the same time, we are united by our concern
for the quality of life of the current and the next generations of the
Countrymen, the good name of Poland, but also European
civilization community awareness, where each country and nation
has an important role to play, in a spirit of respect for both diversity
and political, economic and cultural sovereignty.’

Who we are?


Monika Maria Brzezińska

Political and administration sciences


Radosław Zenderowski

Political and administration sciences, social sciences


Piotr Bajda

Political and administration sciences


Andrzej Rudowski

Political and administration sciences


Kazimierz Pawlik

Political and administration sciences, legal sciences

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